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My name is Nicole I am one of the founders of Oliver & Benson along with my husband Adrian. This is a family owned and run business. The name Oliver and Benson is linked back to our mums. Our brand and business is very connected to us personally as a family and what we love. We wanted that special connection to family to be reflected in our name. 
I love family and I love everything about babies and motherhood. My first and only child was an amazing blessing from God. Falling pregnant for me was a very long journey and after having my daughter I wasn't able to fall pregnant again. I felt that it was so easy for me to lose my identity in motherhood not really understanding how important I was to my family. Being a mother is an amazing blessing it is who I love to be and who I want to be. But I truely didn't understand how important my job as a mother was for a very long time. I want mothers to not underestimate who they are to their children and how important that role is to their children their family and the wider community. Mothers are a special treasure far more valuable that we could imagine. (I haven't forgotten about Dads! they are important too :-) My husband is an amazing father to my daughter and Parent Uncle to our nieces I honour amazing strong fathers they are so needed for out kids!) But mums are more into beautiful bags hahaha! 
Therefore I wanted to design bags that were not understated I wanted to design beautiful bags that celebrate beautiful important and valuable mothers. I love to design bags that reflect the uniqueness and beauty of motherhood. Our bags are different and not "blend" in designs because motherhood is so different for all of us! We wanted to CELEBRATE MOTHERHOOD in every way :-).
We are a homeschooling family and I am currently homeschooling 3 children (1 of my own and two nieces). I had just returned to the workforce part-time when my nieces came into my shared care. At that time we made the decision that I needed to leave the workforce as my family needed me to be there for them. I have been bunkered down with my daughter and two nieces for the last 7 years. It has been a hard and beautiful journey.
We are still right in the middle of homeschooling but it was time for me to take on a project and create something that was going to help support our family financially. And to enable us to support more charities and causes we are passionate about. 
This business is also a beautiful creative outlet for me personally.
I feel blessed to be beginning a business where I am connected to mothers and their journey in parenting. We hope you love our bags as much as we have loved designing them. 
Oliver and Benson was founded in 2017. Our nappy bags are both stylish, and practical lovingly designed in Australia. We use safe colourful quality fabrics. Our first bag is the Pink Paisley Amity Tote which launched on Amazon in March 2018.
We look forward to expanding our range of bags and our markets soon. We love hearing from customers and receiving photos of you out and about with your Nappy Bag! Please share! Drop us an email any time at 
Show us your O&B Oliver&Benson style on Instagram @oliverandbenson  
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